Azwraith - Phantom Lancer Although his true name is unknown to his allies, Azwraith's assigned name tells you enough. Like the Angel of Death, Azrael, he fights to rid the world of those who choose to embrace undeath. He is able to appear and disappear at will like a wraith, often appearing in many places at once. Azwraith is more than capable of dispatching the undead using his lance, each blow sending them closer to the spirit-realm. This lance is the source of his astounding ability to duplicate himself; whenever it draws blood he can use their life to create weaker copies of himself.

  1. str18 + 2.0
  2. agi23 + 2.8
  3. int21 + 2.0

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 290
Damage 45 - 67 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.3 Affiliation Sentinel
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