Black Arachnia - Broodmother Once a Queen of the Nerubians, she struck fear into the hearts of those she ruled. However she made the fatal mistake of falling in love with the renegade assassin Anub'Arak , and was banished from her own kingdom. Now she accompanies her true love in the battle of the Ancients, bearing his offspring as a symbol of her undying love. An expert in weaving webs of deception, she has the power of incapacitating those who dare attack her, and sowing in them the seeds of her offspring which then tear out of the corpse of the unfortunate victim. Her lust for battle helps her grow stronger and sustain herself, leading many to believe that her hunger for flesh, is insatiable..

  1. str17 + 2.5
  2. agi18 + 2.5
  3. int18 + 2.0

Advanced stats

Range 128 Move speed 315
Damage 44 - 50 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 4.6 Affiliation Scourge
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