Dazzle - Shadow Priest Little is known to the Shadowtooth Clan, likely because this group of shadowy trolls never unveil the secrets of their mystifying sacrament. Nevertheless, the Loa they worship is much more powerful than most elementals, thus their favors must be kept in confidentiality. In return, these Primal Gods granted these trolls the power over paralyzing toxins, life-bending voodoo, and even endowment of life beyond the grave. A living eternity of death and misery, Dazzle now marches within the ranks of the undead, announcing the apocalypse of the Scourge that may lead them to much anticipated ascendancy.

  1. str16 + 1.85
  2. agi21 + 1.7
  3. int27 + 3.4

Advanced stats

Range 300 Move speed 305
Damage 41 - 59 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 2.0 Affiliation Neutral
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