Dirge - Undying Considered to be an exceptionally filthy and despicable specimen by all who encounter him, including his fellow zombies, Dirge has wandered in from the wastes outside to serve the Lich King in hopes of finally obtaining a place of acceptance amongst the Undead masses. While he is still considered to be unpleasant as ever by the rest of the Scourge, his horrifying abilities, which include raising self-replicating lesser ghouls and spreading vile, rapidly communicable plague throughout the enemy ranks, are unquestionably powerful and may just give the Scourge the edge they need to complete their unholy conquest once and for all.

  1. str25 + 2.1
  2. agi10 + 0.8
  3. int27 + 2.8

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 310
Damage 57 - 65 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.4 Affiliation Scourge
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