Earthshaker - Raigor Stonehoof In the barren-lands, tales spoke of tauren sages reaping the essence of dirt. Their consciousness melds with the brown beneath them. The loam becomes the conduit of their mental thought and reality. These warriors were feared for they could summon massive ruptures at their mere whim. So tremendous was their power that their magic leaks out of the earth violently with every spell. Sadly these sages mysteriously faded from the land. When the World Tree was threatened, couriers searched these mighty ones but found just one. A young adept, Raigor Stonehoof, seeks battle to weave new tales of these shamans.

  1. str22 + 2.5
  2. agi12 + 1.4
  3. int16 + 1.8

Advanced stats

Range 128 Move speed 300
Damage 46 - 56 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 2.7 Affiliation Sentinel
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