Ezalor - Keeper of the Light Master of light and mana manipulation, Ezalor was once viewed as a scholar, and was regarded as a powerful mentor to many. However, his defection and betrayal of his allies during the War of the Magi caused him to be sentenced to banishment to the spirit realm for all of eternity. However, knowing of his tremendous power, the Sentinel granted him a corporeal form within the physical realm in exchange for his alliance against the Scourge onslaught. As such, Ezalor carries his duties of supporting his comrades valiantly despite the treacherous past that most know little about.

  1. str16 + 1.8
  2. agi15 + 1.6
  3. int22 + 2.8

Advanced stats

Range 600 Move speed 315
Damage 38 - 54 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 1.1 Affiliation Sentinel
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