Jah'rakal - Troll Warlord When the Sentinel first gathered their forces, The Troll Warriors were considered primitive and unreliable. Their pride wounded, many refused to join, some even considering siding with the Scourge. Only a hotheaded young Warlord called Jah'rakal joined the Sentinel. Known as "Blinding Axe" in troll tongue, both for the blinding speed of his axes and his trademark blind technique, his unstoppable rampages have already made him a legend among his Allies. However Jah'rakal fights not for the Sentinel, or even to defend the Ancients, but to show Elves, Men, Orcs and anyone else that trolls are the best fighters in the world.

  1. str17 + 2.2
  2. agi21 + 2.75
  3. int13 + 1.0

Advanced stats

Range 500 Move speed 300
Damage 38 - 56 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 2.0 Affiliation Sentinel
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