Jakiro - Twin Head Dragon Originally found gnawing at the roots of the World Tree during an excavation, this magnificent Chimaera's age is impossible to determine. With his large snapping heads and aggressive, unpredictable behavior, Jakiro is an intimidating creature to say the least, yet is loyal to the Sentinel for reasons all his own. Due to his mystical nature, he has a strange affinity with the elemental forces of ice and fire. This allows him to devastate all in his path, and he is more than capable of keeping his opponents in his line of fury. The Scourge would do best to be wary of this dragon, lest they all freeze and shatter as their precious Frozen Throne melts before their eyes.

  1. str24 + 2.3
  2. agi10 + 1.2
  3. int28 + 2.8

Advanced stats

Range 400 Move speed 290
Damage 42 - 54 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 0.4 Affiliation Neutral
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