Jin'zakk - Batrider Once an expendable spy, Jin'zakk has outlived the suicidal tendencies of other Bat Riders to create a unique style, one that favours control and precision instead of wanton destruction. His years of battle experience have allowed him to innovate creative uses for his fiery arts: He can douse enemies in a bath of sticky oil that restricts their movements before igniting it, fire an explosive that blows enemies away, or take flight to leave behind a trail of flame. However, his most deadly skill involves lassoing his opponent and dragging the unfortunate foe into the arms of his allies.

  1. str23 + 2.0
  2. agi15 + 1.5
  3. int24 + 2.5

Advanced stats

Range 375 Move speed 290
Damage 64 - 70 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.1 Affiliation Neutral
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