Kel'thuzad - Lich Forcibly raised from the dead by the Lich King to serve as his elite magical guard, the Lich has the burning cold of Northrend in his realm of control. Evoking numerous freezing blasts, his talent in life still remains in death. Delving into the essence of cold magic, he has the power to cause ice to condense into an orb that bounces from foe to foe, causing tremendous pain in its wake. Sacrificing his allies for magical power, the Lich is a murderer without a trace of warmth.

  1. str18 + 1.55
  2. agi15 + 2.0
  3. int18 + 3.25

Advanced stats

Range 550 Move speed 295
Damage 37 - 56 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 1.1 Affiliation Scourge
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