King Leoric - Skeleton King Once a noble knight protecting his kingdom, the man was thrown into Hell, where he was ripped apart over and over for centuries. Now, Lucifer has thrown him back onto the soil, corrupted and mindless, as King Leoric, the Skeleton King. He marches on, leading his minions with an unfaltering gaze, knowing only one thing: the orders given to him by the dark lord himself. Able to cripple his opponents by drawing power from the fiery depths of hell itself, King Leoric is a major threat on the battlefield. His mighty blade allows him and others in his presence to drain the blood of their enemies. It is said that he is unkillable, and those who are struck down by his hellfire don't wake up again.

  1. str22 + 2.9
  2. agi18 + 1.7
  3. int13 + 1.6

Advanced stats

Range 128 Move speed 300
Damage 54 - 56 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.6 Affiliation Scourge
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