Knight Davion - Dragon Knight Abandoned and forsaken as a child, the Half-bred Dragon Davion sought refuge from the evils of the world, and from the uncontrollable power growing within himself. His search led him to the doorstep of a mighty Druid, who taught him to tap into the massive energies that lay concealed in his blood - a tribute to his ancient Draconian heritage. A master swordsman, Davion smites his foes in his raging frenzy - transforming at will into an Elder Dragon of destructive fiery rage to crush all those that threaten to vanquish his new home.

  1. str19 + 2.8
  2. agi19 + 2.2
  3. int15 + 1.7

Advanced stats

Range 125 Move speed 290
Damage 46 - 52 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 4.7 Affiliation Neutral
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