Lanaya - Templar Assasin The apprentice of a legendary creature from Aiur, Lanaya is a psychic adept who specializes in strategic assassination for the Sentinels. Her psionic abilities manifest in and out of combat, and can be used to amplify damage while attacking, to protect her from enemy assault, or cloak herself invisibly before lashing out at an unfortunate passerby. And so more often than not, the foes that encounter the Templar on the battlefield find themselves dead and buried, their lives cut short as she fades back into the shadows, waiting for a new prey.

  1. str18 + 1.7
  2. agi23 + 2.7
  3. int20 + 2.0

Advanced stats

Range 140 Move speed 305
Damage 45 - 55 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 4.3 Affiliation Neutral
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