Luna Moonfang - Moon Rider Luna Moonfang is a stalwart and devout follower of the Moon Goddess, Elune. She fights alongside the Sentinel in the never-ending battle to cleanse the land of the unholy Scourge. Through her valiant efforts, she has been granted small portions of Elune's mystical power. Luna uses this gift to cut a swath through her enemies. It has been said that Luna is able to call down the very light of the moon, and is always surrounded by a glowing aura, as though in moonlight herself. Luna is a shining beacon for the Sentinel, an ever vigilant protector.

  1. str15 + 1.75
  2. agi22 + 2.8
  3. int16 + 1.85

Advanced stats

Range 330 Move speed 320
Damage 43 - 49 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.1 Affiliation Sentinel
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