Raijin Thunderkeg - Storm Spirit A celestial being summoned to aid the Sentinel in their darkest hour; the Storm Spirit chose to manifest itself in the life essence of a humble elementalist, Raijin Thunderkeg. Though the Pandaren's soul perished during the profound surge of pure electrical essence, the divine entity even now seeks refuge in Raijin's body, unable to thrive on its own. However, despite its mortal imprisonment, the Storm Spirit is far from being limited of its tremendous powers. Able of manipulating vast, inexhaustible sources of energy in mysterious ways, it swiftly hails destructive sparks of lightning upon the Sentinel's adversaries, eradicating all that dared to cross its path.

  1. str17 + 1.5
  2. agi22 + 1.8
  3. int23 + 2.6

Advanced stats

Range 500 Move speed 295
Damage 45 - 55 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 5.1 Affiliation Sentinel
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