Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemist Having enlisted under the ranks of the Sentinel for mere personal gain, the Alchemist's quest for amassing wealth to fund his research is a tireless and relentless one. Both sadistic and cruel in his methods, this heartless Goblin cares not for the means he must resort to for a sizable bounty. Whether he chooses to paralyze his foes with toxic concoctions or drench them in corrosive acids, Razzil Darkbrew remains steadfast in his calm, calculated approach, despite their constant wails of agony. Though notoriously farmed to be inhumane and savage in his actions, he succeeds in crippling the mighty Scourge with the vilest of elixirs.

  1. str25 + 1.8
  2. agi11 + 1.2
  3. int25 + 1.8

Advanced stats

Range 128 Move speed 300
Damage 49 - 58 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 0.6 Affiliation Neutral
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