Rexxar - Beastmaster A wandering vagrant of the Mok'nathal, the fabled half orc-half ogres of legend, Rexxar and his mighty blades have joined the cause of the Sentinel to better protect the natural world around him. A friend of beasts, Rexxar flails and tears at his enemies with unsettling savagery, even going as far as hurling his axes in the manner of boomerangs at his enemies to better his chances at victory. Truly a warrior of the living planet that thrives around him, the Beastmaster is an ally to be counted on when he is needed the most.

  1. str23 + 2.2
  2. agi18 + 1.6
  3. int16 + 1.9

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 310
Damage 56 - 60 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 4.6 Affiliation Sentinel
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