Rhasta - Shadow Shaman Once a gifted troll witch doctor, young Rhasta was well versed with the secrets of voodoo magic. When the war between the Sentinel and the Scourge began, Rhasta, then a Shadow Hunter, offered his allegiance to the Sentinels to vanquish the Scourge once and for all. While he was gifted as a witch doctor, Rhasta is a genius as a shadow hunter, exceeding his master by mastering the art of summoning multiple serpent wards, binding enemies for a short time and casting elemental lightning to several units.

  1. str19 + 1.6
  2. agi16 + 1.6
  3. int21 + 3.0

Advanced stats

Range 500 Move speed 285
Damage 42 - 49 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 1.3 Affiliation Neutral
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