Rikimaru - Stealth Assasin Born as the heir to the satyr dominion, Rikimaru was trained by the mightiest warriors of his race. However, the power of the Burning Legion managed to corrupt many of his kind, leaving them as mindless beasts in the forest. Vowing revenge against the Scourge, he sharpened his skills for battle. Using his small size to his advantage, he can render himself invisible, enabling him to stab his enemies in the back. He can also use thick smoke as a cover, to silence his enemies and become nearly untouchable.

  1. str17 + 2.0
  2. agi24 + 2.9
  3. int14 + 1.3

Advanced stats

Range 125 Move speed 300
Damage 48 - 52 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 6.4 Affiliation Sentinel
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