Rylai Crestfall - Crystal Maiden Adept in the manipulation of frost and ice, Rylai is the very image of elegeance and grace. Trained by a renegade wizard deep in the heart of Winterspring, Rylai brings to the Sentinel her prowess in the arts of magic. With a vast arsenal of spells, she wreaks havoc upon her foes - be it with powerful blasts of frost to send them fleeing in panic, or be it by rendering them immobile in ice. Her foes tremble in fear as the ground beneath implodes in mighty novas of frost in a dazzling array, obliterating all who dare oppose her.

  1. str16 + 1.7
  2. agi16 + 1.6
  3. int21 + 2.9

Advanced stats

Range 600 Move speed 280
Damage 38 - 44 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 1.3 Affiliation Sentinel
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