Slithice - Naga Siren Slithice was always a vagabond among the Naga, roaming beyond the boundaries of the sea in search of new things. During her adventures she met and fell in love with a young Orc training to be a Blademaster. Though he was inexperienced he taught her many Orcish fighting tactics employed by seasoned warriors. During their courtship as she was learning how to make traps from a local raider, a swarm of Scourge came and invaded, her love was killed before her very eyes. She used her Naga magics to put the evil to sleep and fled, and now gives her all to the Sentinel, in the name of her love.

  1. str21 + 2.3
  2. agi21 + 2.75
  3. int18 + 1.65

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 320
Damage 51 - 53 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 6.0 Affiliation Sentinel
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