Strygwyr - Bloodseeker An unusual hybrid of Demon and Orc, Strygwyr is an outcast amongst all mortal creatures. By thriving on and bathing himself with the blood of those he slays, Strygwyr can heal his wounds - even those that could prove fatal. Beware the fool who dares venturing alone, for Strygwyr can sense his blood miles away and gain vision through his helpless prey's eyes. Having ruptured the enemy with mighty blows in his bloodthirsty frenzies, Strygwyr corners his foe into making the impossible decision - bleed to death by trying to outrun the hasty demon, or be ripped to shreds in its awesome fury.

  1. str23 + 2.0
  2. agi24 + 2.6
  3. int18 + 1.7

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 305
Damage 53 - 59 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 5.4 Affiliation Scourge
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