Syllabear - Lone Druid Syllabear was spared a time of great strife due to the deeds of his people. Sensing their settlement's impending destruction they turned their child into a bear and sent him into the wild. Syllabear grew up strong and savage, like the bears that inhabited the forests of his home. Using druidic powers, he can enter a state of almost rabid frenzy, and even call powerful bear companions to aid him. Awakened into his elven heritage by Furion the Prophet, Syllabear has regained his true elven form, and brings the bestial spirit of the bear to the battlefield.

  1. str17 + 2.1
  2. agi24 + 2.7
  3. int13 + 1.4

Advanced stats

Range 550 Move speed 305
Damage 46 - 50 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.4 Affiliation Sentinel
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