Tiny - Stone Giant Looming from the rocky crags of Ashenra, the stone giants are born from the mountain itself. Tiny, a newly born giant, although small in size, has the strength of a hill. With his supreme strength, he is able to launch anything into the air, including huge amounts of soil to cause avalanches around his enemies. Because of his craggy exterior, enemies have a hard time attacking him. Over time, Tiny's body will grow bigger as the magnetic forces deep inside his granite heart pull rocks and soil to his rugged stone form.

  1. str24 + 3.0
  2. agi9 + 0.9
  3. int14 + 1.6

Advanced stats

Range 128 Move speed 285
Damage 61 - 67 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 0.3 Affiliation Sentinel
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