Zeus - Lord of Olympia Once a deity of unfathomable might, Zeus reluctantly sacrificed his much relished immortality in exchange for the chance to crush the sinister armies of the unholy undead. As his soul crossed into the mortal plane, his omnipotent powers withered greatly, yet not nearly enough to quell this destructive Thunder God's resolve for justice. With sheer precision, he cleanses through the enemy ranks with an impressive mastery of electrical discharge, smiting the fool hardy with formidable bolts of lightning from the heavens above. Ever vigilant in his relentless assault, the Scourge cowers in fear of incurring the fearsome wrath of the Lord of Olympia.

  1. str19 + 1.8
  2. agi15 + 1.7
  3. int20 + 2.7

Advanced stats

Range 350 Move speed 295
Damage 41 - 49 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 2.1 Affiliation Sentinel
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