Aghanim's Scepter The scepter of a wizard with Demigod-like powers.

  1. Bonus
    • Ultimate Upgrade (Passive)
    • 10 all attributes
    • 150 mana
    • 200 hit points
  2. Notes
    Ultimate Upgrade only affects Bane Elemental, Tormented Soul, Lord of Avernus, Night Stalker, Lich, Pandaren Brewmaster, Prophet, Crystal Maiden, Lord of Olympia, Vengeful Spirit, Juggernaut, Shadow Shaman, Venomancer, Sand King, Demon Witch, Faceless Void, Doom Bringer, Goblin Techies, Queen of Pain, Spiritbreaker, Oblivion, Necrolyte, Moon Rider, Slayer, Butcher, Holy Knight, Witch Doctor, Twin Head Dragon, Shadow Priest, Sacred Warrior, Invoker, Clockwerk Goblin, and Windrunner.
    Can be disassembled.

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