Mjollnir Thor's magical hammer, made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri.

  1. Bonus
    • Chain Lighting (Passive, orb)
    • Static Charge (Active)
    • 35 agility
    • 35 damage
  2. Notes
    Chain Lighting has a 20% chance to release a 200 damage Chain Lightning when you attack, the Chain Lightning hits 3 units.
    When a unit with the Static Charge buff is attacked there is a 20% chance that a 200 damage Static Charge will strike the attacking unit and 2 nearby enemies.
    Static Charge activates at most once per second. Static Charge lasts 20 seconds, costs 50 mana, has 600 cast range, and a 45 second cooldown.
    Orb effects do not stack.
    Can be disassembled.

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