DotA Builds v3.0

DotA Builds has been relaunched, this time with alot of new features!


After a long time of developing, we now give you a new version of DotA Builds.

We have removed all old builds, and updated the database to the latest version of DotA, there is still alot of heroes with no builds, but that will change over the next couple of days.


Alot of people did not understand the old building order, so we have created a new, and better, version of the item builds. This time we will use a Digg-alike voting system for builds, they will consist of 2 builds each, a start build and a final build. The start build should contain cheap items, which should be build in the beginning of the game, and the final build should consist of items that should be build in mid and late of the game.


We have also removed the old login system, it is now not possible to login using a username and password, only using your Facebook or OpenID login, this will provide a Single-Click login, even for new users!


If you like the site, please vote for us!


Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome in comments, and if you have comments to new features, please give us them and we will look into it.



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  1. CommentBigE9 | 04. aug. 2009 09:47

    OpenID is still not working with
  2. Commentzephid | 05. aug. 2009 00:58

    @BigE9 Thanks for the input, I will look into it :)
  3. CommentKossi | 14. aug. 2009 10:54

    missing many items for item builds ^^
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