Low HP Gaming joins UCP MP3Store eSports Club


Low HP Gaming (former D-Link PGS), the finest polish Defense of the Ancients formation, today officially joins UCP.MP3Store eSports Club. We've seen many great organizations quitting from DotA support, but that was until yesterday. We (UCP) have followed other way of running the clan, we see the potential in the platform, that's why we invest in it.


Low HP gaming knows almost everyone in Poland. Before UCP, they were in Betsson Vodoo Gaming and D-Link PGS, both Polish esports organizations.


The team has accomplished a lot of gold medals, first places, and so on. Their biggest achievements are: 1st place on Lancraft Summer 2k8, hat-trick in King of the Hill by, three golden branches at all the three sTGK tournaments hosted by university in Warsaw: SGGW.


As the first Polish team ever, they managed to reach Division 1 of Pick League, and will stay there for at least two seasons, fighting for the honored title amongst one of 12 best European teams out there.


We can also announce, that the new section of UCP, at the end of the holidays, will attend in Lancraft Summer 2k9 in Rymarov, CZ.



Statement from Team Captain theCupofteA:

After a pretty long time of researches, we've found a clan which follows our gaming needs. From today, we will be a part of UCP.MP3Store eSport Club. We're going to proudly represent the clan and it's sponsors. We're looking forward to a long and successful cooperation.

Congratulations to the new UCP, and best of luck in the future!


UCP Team Roster:

  • theCupofteA (Captain)
  • Cumulonimbus (Manager)
  • Markssive
  • Jacob
  • Overpow
  • eRot1c
  • Aventer


Thanks to ucp`Cup for translating.

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